Costa Rica News Source

Here Lies The Once Great Costa Rica News – SellingCR

For over 7 years now, we’ve provided a fantastic and reliable resource for all your Costa Rica news needs…

These days however we have changed with the times and adapted a new look and most importantly, a new site.

That’s right…the Costa Rica News Site (CRNS) is now our main site for providing up to date and current events around the country. And we’ve grown too!

CRNS now employs a team of writers, marketing agents and researchers so that we can continue to deliver only the most relevant and breaking news.

We’ve recently aligned ourselves with the #1 ranked Manuel Antonio hotel, Si Como No to provide our readers with some fantastic deals on trips to the most popular tourist destination in the country.

Additionally there are many activities to enjoy while visiting here including zip lining, waterfall tours, horseback riding, para-sailing and water rafting. One of the finest adventure tour operators to consider is the Costa Rica surf camp of Sunset Surf in Dominical.

The truth of the matter is this however…

We originally had this site doing quite well – with the assistance of our owner/operator Don Halbert, we managed to make SellingCR a massive contender in the Costa Rica news arena. Trouble was…the domain wasn’t all that conducive to what we were doing and where we were heading.

So we changed the domain.

This was awhile ago now so some of you reading this right now might be wondering why on Earth we are putting any content here. Good question actually.


Plain and simple…it’s Google’s fault.

When we originally bought the new domain for Costa Rica News Site, we thought we’d follow the advice of Google Webmaster Tools themselves and do what is called a 301 redirect. This is what we did and even went with a map of Costa Rica News Site, or as we call them…sitemap.

Awhile after watching our rankings take a big dive, we rethought our view of using the 301 redirect. We decided in favor of removing it and letting Costa Rica News Site fly solo while SellingCR did the same.

Actually we even have a Costa Rica real estate division freshly created on Costa Rica News Site however that went down the sewer along with the rest of it when Google unleashed the fury. So now when it comes to real estate in Costa Rica we recommend the guys at CRREC (Costa Rica Real Estate dot Com)

Costa Rica News Site Is The New SellingCR

Then Google started rolling out update after update. Each one seemed to follow a pattern of being named after black and white animals like the Panda and then the Penguin.

When Google rolled out the Penguin update we thought (after receiving an abnormal backlinking message in webmaster tools) it might be best to again redirect our original SellingCR site back over to Costa Rica News Site.

This would be our Achilles Heal.

May 24th, when Google let loose Penguin 1.1, it would have a profound effect on Costa Rica News Site – so much so that in all our years of operating web sites…we’ve never seen a Google slap like this one. We went from #1 to #3. Then we seems to settle around #5 after our little warning note from Google on abnormal links. Then on May 24th we dropped off the chart and Google placed us at #99. So what did we do? We went on hiatus for awhile at our favorite Costa Rica surf camp called Sunset Surf.

If that’s not evidence of a Google Sandbox I don’t know what is.

It is a strange one considering Google repeated statements against the existence of any Sandbox and also that if it did it exist…many believed it to be only for new domains. We are not a “new domain” by any means.

So…what is it? Sandbox or penalty.

We lean in the direction of penalty for our 301 re-redirect back to Costa Rica News Site.

301 Redirect Kills Costa Rica News Site. News at 11…

Take note of this and after a few reconsideration requests to Google, we’ve decided it was best to remove the 301 and reupload a content only…bla bla…web page in it’s place.

But if you are in fact looking for the kind of Costa Rica news we were famous for – current and to-the-point – then we encourage you to visit Costa Rica News Site.

Otherwise only God knows what will become of this site beyond what is here now. The obvious would be something relating to selling products from Costa Rica given the URL. We’ve spoken to numerous Costa Rica lawyers on the subject and they’ve helped us the best they can by sending Google request letters demanding a timeframe on how long the penalty is expected to continue.

UPDATE – we’ve now restored our rankings with CRNS and are back on Page 1 where we deservedly should be.

Over time there is a chance that this site may once again, get rebranded and service a different niche in Costa Rica like Manuel Antonio hotels or something. So if one day you come here (not sure why considering its a lame landing page) and there is a Costa Rica hotels site or even a site about riding donkey’s in Guatemala, remember what we told you…this is just a page with words only designed to appease the big G so that one day maybe we can take that long overdue Costa Rica vacations package we’ve had our eye on now for awhile.