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Don Halbert
Don Halbert Founder and CEO of SellingCR and it’s vast network of affiliate sites, with over 15 years experience in online marketing, Don Halbert is the only certified inbound marketing educator in Central America. Having been born and raised in northern British Columbia, Don Halbert would later move to Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island where he’d start his digital technology company that would generate over 2.6 million in sales in just under 9 months.
Maic Salazar
Maic Salazar Born and raised in Perez Zeledon, San Isidro, Maic has spent over 9 years in the United States where he learned English fluently and also learned the skill of communicating and listening to people as to better understand how to provide them with precisely what they are looking for. Maic’s utilizes his knowledge of the area, and his home country, and extends that knowledge to his clients.
Michael Klein
Michael Klein Originally from Toronto, Canada and currently living in sunny Costa Rica where he and his family reside in the mountains above the capital city of San Jose, Michael has a passion for writing on all subjects pertaining to Costa Rica and this is evident in his engaging and compelling content. Currently Michael is an ANBU Operative for the renowned online marketing agency of IMG (Inbound Marketing Group) and also contributes content to some of the most affluent news agencies on various subjects including the Costa Rica real estate market.